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Our Beginning

Rho Mu Mu Chapter was chartered September 6th, 2011 by 25 Men who felt there was a great need for the Fraternity to have a presence on the West Side of Chicago. We were founded to serve the many West Side Communities with a mission to uplift and assist the communities through the Light, Life and Love which is Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. With the first year reclaimed or transferred members, we have set a solid foundation for future growth and the success of our goals and aims.

We are men who have come together in the name of service.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to Friendship, and our commitment to strengthening the foundation on which our Beloved Fraternity was founded.  It is through our strong devotion to Omega and our bonds of Friendship and Fraternity, we will be an unstoppable force as we implement vital programs for our communities in which we serve. 



Rho Mu Mu Charter Members

  • Sadaris Cheatem

  • Anton White

  • Brian Brown

  • Willie J. Edwards

  • Tommy Harrison

  • Eric Dantzler

  • Carlton Lee

  • Terrence Lang

  • Reuben Jones

  • David Diaz

  • Octavious Bellamy

  • Damien Cunningham

  • Corey Walker

  • John Martin

  • Andre Harvey

  • Soloman Murray

  • Thomas Barnes

  • Steven Hill

  • Jason Poindexter

  • Roderique McClain

  • Daniel Snyder

  • Giovanni Chisholm

  • Samuel T. Bunville

  • Eursey Poindexter

  • Damon Smith (Undergraduate)

Initiated Members 

Fall 2012

  • Louis Murillo 

Fall 2013

  • Alexis Logan

  • Aaron Baynard

  • Keith Seals 

  • Ed Pitts 

  • Jose Chambers

Spring 2015

  • George Balantine

  • Terrence Crayton

  • Dr. Dennis Deer

  • Dennis Olive

Spring 2016

  • Stephan Grandison Jr.

  • Travis Banks

  • Lou Rowland

  • Ivan Richards

  • Dr. Vince Davis Jr.

  • Dr. Todd Hall

  • Nicholas Henton

  • Leroy Slater

  • Dagogo Obomanu III

Spring 2021

  • Chrision Rasberry

  • Thaddeus Wright

  • Harvey Williams

  • Roger Bourdeau

  • Larry Sartin

  • Lorenzo Powell

  • Renatre Rubin

  • Stephen Olopo

Fall 2022

  • Drew Miles

  • Dr. Adrian Peeples

  • Vaughn Roland

  • Al Taylor

  • Ken West

  • Keyon Harrold

Spring 2023

  • Daniel Piolet

  • Markus Hughley

  • Ty Malone

  • John Houston

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